• Ellen Pope

The lesser-spotted career queen

I sit in front of my MacBook, and you, (hi, whoever is reading this) a self-confessed introvert, serial blusher, lifelong worrier and all-round obsessive. All things that potentially seem negative, but I am very proud of, and I wear them like badges. 


Because those points above, lead to my next few bullet points. 

I am a

  • Businesswoman (x2)

  • Boss

  • Leader

  • Survivor

  • Entrepreneur

  • Homeowner

  • Spokesperson

  • Advocate

  • Mentor

And all round general badass

In the words of Destiny’s Child “I buy all my shit, so you can fuck off” < i think this is loosely how their number 1 hit went.

The things that I listed first, by social standards should go against my success. Isn’t it the extroverts that run marathons and can network for 24 hours straight, the ones who should succeed?

Well, newsflash, no. There is a new gang in town, and we are running it without gobbing off about it - and making time for a lazy afternoon bath in between. 

Here are some things you need to know about the lesser-spotted career queen (aka the introverted businesswoman).

Proactive without wanting a medal or a round of applause for it

We get shit done. Mainly because while everyone else is swinging their dicks around trying to outdo each other like a mid-season episode of GoT, we are thinking about dinner and that Netflix binge we can treat ourselves to when it is all over. We see opportunities because we have thought about them, quietly assessed the risks and know it is a right decision, not one based on glory. Tell us we did good, don’t make us stand up in a team brief and be applauded. 

If we’re at a networking event, then snap a selfie (no, don’t)

When running your own business/home/life something that you give up quite early on, is time. It is precious, like a handful of saffron. And time is something we rarely waste doing things we realllllllllllllly can’t be bothered with. One of these things is networking. Now, before you all pile on me, as a businesswoman I fully understand the benefits of networking amongst your peers. It brings confidence (kinda), business opportunities (hopefully) and ticks the marketing part of your business plan (and I should know that).

We don’t go to the opening of every envelope, and we are not huge fans of talking about ourselves but I will quite happily listen to you if there is a free bacon bap involved.

If I am at your event, it is because you have either tricked me into believing Jason Momoa is giving a keynote speech on how epic his man-bun is, or it is because I know I am going to get something career-boosting out of it. We choose our moments in the spotlight carefully, and when we shine - we fucking shine!

We’re stronger than you can ever imagine

Warriors. Actual warriors. I spent most of my early career unaware of how important my personality was to me in business. I spent many years in a vicious loop of trying to compare myself to what I feel society expected and the anxiety of not being able to live up to it. 

Then one day, I realised it was all horse shit. 

Being introverted is a fantastic superpower and one that can succeed in PR and Comms (HASHTAG NOOO WAYYYYY).

Previously I always had an extroverted manager who would do the dancing, while I quite happily sat in the corner making sure everything worked like clockwork.

This is a role I was comfortable in, and I am sending no hate.  But, when you are your own business and your brand (cringe), you have to learn to dance and change your tape over- at the same time!

This is where I discovered slowly and carefully the difference between loud in-your-face-look-at-me-dance confidence and quiet confidence. 

And I think this is a topic for an entirely different blog, but in summary what I found out, is having a quiet confidence in yourself and delivering,  knowing you know your industry, your abilities and you can deliver everything you have carefully set out, is a business gift that should never be shunned.

It should be nourished by business owners, colleagues and management. 

I stand before you a lesser-spotted career queen, letting you know that the earth might have started with a loud bang, but it is diamonds that are forged under quiet pressure. Don’t forget it. 


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