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Thank you

I have decided to call my time of leaving my “Soul Sabbatical”. It sounds twatty, but it does what it says on the tin. 

It was exactly that. 

It also is a bit punchier than: 

“a time for reflection, self-love, healing, thinking, sleeping, rebuilding, closing wounds, gaining confidence, and finding my voice following *breath* a very well documented and slow-burning mental and physical burnout, followed by a fiery *breathe again* collection of true-life fuck ups”. Not one for those amongst us with respiratory issues. 

Over three trillion blogs I will tell you, in little rambling snippets, why I chose to take this site, rip it down and create a piece of work that aims to inspire, empower, debate and give voice to many women (and men, yeah you too), who struggle with confidence, introversion, body confidence and/or have been kicked in the lady foo or man nuts by people who come into your life and remove your soul and courage. 

It has taken me a very long while to realise I am a creative. I have worked in the creative industry my whole career, and continue to do so and though I might not paint, or cook, or dance (only to Little Mix), I do have a voice. And my voice and writing is my art. 

But that is for another blog. 

This is a thank you note to the people in my life who over the last 18 months have supported me through some of my most desperate times. 

I am so lucky to have the support of a group of amazing human beings, all with their own lives and dramas which have rallied around me and built me back up, piece by piece - especially from Summer 2017. 

From school friends who let me sit in their now very successful offices and talk for hours, to my ex-in-laws who allowed me to run away and rebuild myself in the sun, to my ex-boyfriend and now best friend who has listened to me when I phone - unsure of which direction to run in. I want to thank my current colleagues who have now turned into best friends and gin drinkers. To my gang of girls who hold me when I am down. To the WhatsApp messages, late at night from people just telling me, they are thinking of me. To my Bristol beauty who keeps me strong. To the people I have only met once, who email or message. To the friends I have met along the way and who have my back, even though they have only met me once. To my therapist.

Without sounding like an Oscar winner, I also want to thank my folks who have picked me up again and again and again. 

I have rambled through my plans for this site with you all, daily. And your support and love, I will never forget. Thank you for never leaving me alone or abandoning me. 

But it is time to be brave. It is time to step out of the shadows and start writing my work. It is time to tell my story, no clean version. 

It is time to be empowered and love the body you are in. There are no flaws. Just unique sequins of you. It is time to dazzle ‘em. 


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