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New Rules: Naked, Sweating and saying "HIYA" to Number One

“Ripping up the rulebook”, this sounds so fucking hardcore. The problem with ripping it up, means you are entirely turning your life on its head, probably forcing yourself into unrealistic goals and making yourself feel uncomfortable. Ain’t -Got -Time -For - That.

Rather than shredding my previous life rules, I have put them through a proofing process and made some slight amends. Knowing me I’ll chat in more detail about these another day - but here is the overview.


Look at yourself naked at least once a day

Look, I don’t want you choking on your breakfast/lunch/tea or whenever you are reading this. But yeah, get it all out.

When I decided to take some time out to look at my life on a whole, this is the one conversation I had with myself. It is about time to embrace the body you have created rather than spend time trying to compare it to others and change it to what other people would like. It has given me a realistic view of myself - from every belly roll, cellulite dimple, hair, vein, and stretch mark. It also has shown me every curve and made me feel beautiful. So, do it. Take a look at yourselves.

Get it all out. Shake it about. Be proud of you-you're fucking brilliant. 

Tighter, not lighter

Screw the scales. For two years I tried to live by them, and I defined whether I was “healthy” by how much I weighed. I have never been the most energetic of human beings, and exercise has never been my friend.  

Rather than limit the food I can eat to starve myself down to a specific weight, I decided to flip it over and exercise more (and when I mean more, I say do regular exercise). My weight went up, BUT my curves got tighter, and I feel healthier. 

Love you first, not second, third or fourth.

I always put others feelings before my own. To compromise. To apologise when things were not my fault. To listen but not speak. To stand up for everyone else but not me. To push people, but never drive me.

This is probably endemic of being in long-term relationships my entire adult life and being an introverted only child. 

As I have previously written about, the idea of saying “No” was a very foreign concept. I always found a way to compromise in every situation. Well, it is time to say “bollock off” to that. If you treat me with little respect, I will not waste my time trying to fix you. I’ll still love you.

Because I don’t want the negative energy of disliking you. I’ll just let you do your thing. If I want to sit in and watch Netflix and not attend your party, I will. 

If you can’t handle a strong, independent woman, who is in charge of her thoughts, then back away, as I won’t dilute my life for you anymore.

I will create an experience full of love, happiness, giggles and dancing in your pants. 

If you want to dance over in your “nasty person” corner, go ahead. Slut drop like your life depends on it. It’s not where the good people dance. 


It is so fucking important.


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