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A shout out to my women

I have made a promise as part of International Women’s Day to #PressForChange. That promise included the following:

I will #PressforProgress and ...

  • identify ways to make women more visible

  • extend opportunities to women first

  • assume women want opportunities until declined

  • select women as spokespeople and leaders

  • support visible women

So I thought, what better time than the present to drop kick women who have made a substantial change in my life to date, straight into the limelight  So, ladies. I love you. This is your moment.

My Mum

Christ, what a woman. She may be tiny in stature but forged from iron strength. Without her, I quite obviously wouldn’t be here, but I also not quite so obviously, wouldn’t be here. She has picked me up, moulded me, influenced me, and continues to do so every single day without fail. She has a level of kindness to people I can only wish to emulate one day. This selfless ability to put everyone first without blinking an eye. I was lucky enough last month to stand by her side as she retired after 29 years, and I couldn’t be prouder of her journey and her future.

My Aunty Pat

My Aunt’s passing (alongside her husband) had the most prominent life-changing effect on me, without a doubt. I woke up different. I felt like my whole life up until that point was alive, and now my life beyond that point was dead. With three years passing, I realised that wound that caused me pain, would one day become scar tissue, and scar tissue would give me strength. What I also understood is how this lady’s spirit will never be gone as long as I live and breathe. Ask me where I get ,what some people say is erraticness, (I’d like to say passion) from. This woman. Where has my creative flare come from? This woman. Where has my love of Clinique come from? This woman. I was raised in the presence of strong creative women who stood their corner and believed in themselves. Of course, it was going to rub off. You’re always with me. Forever.

Miss Fox

We met over a decade when I was drunkenly pushed over a sofa in Walkabout, and my tit tape worked. We shared a taxi home, and the rest is history. We have laughed, cried and hugged our way through life every day since. And we have never argued or fell out. I have been so lucky to share some fantastic memories with this woman. I look to her every day for strength. She is beautiful, brave, she fights for what she believes in, and she does things on a daily basis that just make me drop to my knees in awe. She moved to Bristol on her own, followed her dream -  and she fucking runs marathons. She is stealth in human form, and I wouldn’t want to go a day without her.

My Girls

Vanessa, Tina and Lisa. Three exceptional women, i met in a past career life, who have stuck with me through thick and thin. I can’t begin to explain how lucky I am to have their guidance love and support. Nothing fazes them - and I have thrown them enough to be fazed about. They put me on the right path, they accept me for who I am, and I am so grateful. This power of three raise children, hold down careers, emit kindness and strength out of every pore. I love you all so much x


Two people with the same initials were chucked together as colleagues and forged the EP2 partnership. Beautiful, honest, open and the world's greatest listener. Everyone needs an Emma P., And I am so lucky to have one in my life. One of life’s fighters, you armour me up when I am down and send me out to battle, and I am so grateful for it. Not only do I have a fab colleague who I love working with, but a hero of a friend who shares my love of gin, food and an ability to poorly navigate around London. I would be so lost without your guidance.


This year is our year VSP. You continue to raise beautiful, strong women because you are a beautiful, strong woman. I know our story has yet to start really. I am so happy to have met you, worked with you, loved and cried with you. I know collaboration is on the cards that will blow this world wide apart. We’re warriors beautiful lady - the world hasn’t seen anything yet.

Emma & Amy

My beautiful best friends, raising daughters, holding down careers and still having hearts full of love. You inspire me forever.


My first ever marketing manager, and hands down one of the most influential people on my career path. You gave me a chance, and you saw something under the nerves and fear that could be moulded. Your patience and commitment to me at that point in my career allowed me to  create a set of tools I have never forgotten. You are the first person I name when people asked who influenced my career, and I don’t think you will ever be beaten. Thank you. You have no idea how allowing me to have that one chance, has changed my life.

Ashley Graham, Denise Bidot and Felicity Hayward.

Shining a light on plus size modelling and paving the way for young girls and women all over the world to comprehend different shapes and sizes in today’s media. I didn’t have this growing up. The curviest woman on tv was Geri Halliwell. It is ladies like you that empower me on a daily basis to love the body I am in. To not be ashamed and to enjoy fashion. Keep on going - we are right next to you.

To every other friend, colleague and people who I am yet to meet

You are beautiful. You are important. You are strong. You’ve got this.

To the boys

Andy, Leigh, Mike, Pete, Shaun, Dan, Adam, Andi, David, Tom C, Tom S, Neil, Andrew D, Chris P and my beautiful Dad. Love always.

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