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Hello there!

Thanks for popping over. Nobody likes to write copy about themselves, not even copywriters, so I will keep this punchy - like a shot of tequila. 

I'm a copywriter. I just love to write. I've always used my words as a way to express myself. A self-diagnosed introvert with a broad Midlands accent, my failsafe from a young age was to communicate by words rather than stand up and shout. 

This love of writing and communicating led me on a fabulous career, working for a variety of brands both big and small, where I have finally ended up as a Marketing Consultant. You can find out about that "career hat" by visiting my site here. 

My other career hat is as Founder and Editor of Chatting Food Magazine. A site dedicated to shaking pom-poms for the food and hospitality industry, which sees me write articles on the top products, review restaurants, sit down in front of fabulous chefs and write in-depth features. 

But I still have more words, and not just on food, so I set up Miss Pope as a place where I can write about everything else. I write from the soul, and sometimes that can be a bit difficult to read. In my personal work, I have a tendency of swearing, so if that offends you I apologise.


If you are interested in commissioning me to work on alongside your brand and look at your tone of voice, your website copy or need me to make your T&Cs a bit less bland, then please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.


I hope you enjoy Miss Pope, and please let me know if you have any feedback - I'm always looking at ways to improve!


That wasn't really a single tequila shot was it? More several, but hey, good night out!


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